Labrada MASS 60

Lean Body Mass 60 is designed for and by hard gainers.*┬áIf you need help putting on muscle and weight, then Lean Body Mass 60 is for you.* We’re so sure you’ll pack on genuine muscle mass with this muscle-builder shake, we’ll guarantee your money back if you don’t.* Lean Body Mass 60 is easy to use. Just eat your normal breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drink a delicious Lean Body Mass 60 shake at mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and again before bedtime to get the best results.

  • 60g LeanPro Protein per Serving
  • Get Big Quick!
  • 5g of Crealean? Creatine
  • Blend of 6 Proteins

Lean Body Mass 60 contains a time-released blend of 6 high-quality proteins plus creatine monohydrate to support anabolic muscle growth.* Each serving of Lean Body Mass 60 provides 60 grams of protein – the highest protein content of any product in its class. In addition, you will experience no bloating with Lean Body Mass 60, because it’s 98% lactose free, 96% fat free, and contains no aspartame, sucrose or fructose.* And just like every Labrada’ product, Lean Body Mass 60 is lab tested to meet the label claim of potency.*