About Us

About Us

Dolphin Ocean Oman (DO), established 2013, is a specialty Supplement Warehouse ranging from WHEY Protein, General Nutrition to advanced sports nutritional formula in Sultanate of Oman, You will be impressed by our complete range of product which is available at our showroom specialty outlets located at AL MASA MALL (Al Shatti Qurum).

You also enjoy offer home delivery by the next working day when you order online at www.dolphin-oman.com. DO is committed to providing quality products from reputable international brands at affordable prices.

The brands that we offer but not limited to:

  • Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition, Inc. (BSN®)

Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition, Inc. (BSN®)was founded in 2001 and since then has become a global leader in the sports nutrition marketplace through relentless dedication to creating dynamic, cutting-edge, and result-producing products. BSN® products and the brand itself have won more than 35 sports nutrition awards over the course of the last six years, more than any other company in the industry. This legacy of performance has created tremendous brand awareness and loyalty for the company, building a faithful following of consumers, athletes and fans in the process.

  • Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition, Inc. (ON) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Glanbia, a leading international cheese and nutritional ingredients group. ON owns and operates two premium sports nutrition brands, Optimum Nutrition and ABB Performance, providing a comprehensive line of products across multiple categories.

With state-of-the-art production facilities in three states, ON is the only sports nutrition company to manufacture items in every product category. Whether it’s nutritional bars, protein powders, ready-to-drink shakes and energy formulas, or vitamins and minerals, Optimum Nutrition takes a hands-on approach to maintaining the very highest standards.

  • Muscle Pharm Nutrition

MusclePharm® is not just a company of businesspeople. We live fitness. We fully embrace the athletic lifestyle. To make sure our visions were aligned, my Executive Team and I collaborated on a Mission Statement. It is a promise from us to you, the athletes who rely on us.

The MusclePharm® Mission Statement:

To develop and bring to market the most scientifically advanced, safest nutritional and sports supplementation products possible. The purpose of every MusclePharm® product must be to enhance athletic performance, strength and overall personal health – all without the use of banned substances. Our team philosophy is that every product will be a formulation that we, as former professional athletes, believe in and use every day.

  • TwinLab Nutrition

Twinlab was created in 1968 when founder David Blechman leveraged his 20 years of expertise in the pharmaceutical industry to develop and market a liquid protein supplement. Working out of his family’s garage, he and his wife named their developing business Twinlab, after the couple’s two sets of twins. Sales soared, and in the 1980s, Twinlab branched out to a broader range of vitamins, minerals, herbs and teas.

  • FA Engineered Nutrition

The aim of the FA Engineered Nutrition is to formulate the most effective products created with a view to athletes of all disciplines. It does not matter whether you are a cyclist, basketball, tennis player, MMA fighter or bodybuilder. FA Engineered Nutrition proven ingredients provides a synergistic effect, which bring incredible results to everyone. Regardless of the training experience and trained discipline.
Supplementation in sport is essential, if you treat your training seriously. Do not risk choosing unproven products that promise amazing results using innovative substance. FA Engineered Nutrition combines proven ingredients with cutting edge science, allowing athletes to deliver the best formulas on the market.

  • Muscle Tech Nutrition

MuscleTech is a brand of sports nutrition supplements marketed by Iovate Health Sciences Inc. In 1998, MuscleTech launched Cell-Tech, the first creatine-carbohydrate-alpha lipoic acid supplement. [1] This approach to creatine supplementation was investigated in a study published in 2003.

  • Nutrex Research Nutrition

July 20th, 2012 marked a big day for Nutrex as it celebrated two milestones: On one hand it was Nutrex’s 10 year anniversary; On the other hand the company proudly hosted the ribbon cutting ceremony for its new 80,000 sq ft state-of-the-art corporate headquarters located in Oviedo, FL.

What started 10 years ago as a dream and an idea has grown into a remarkable success. Hard work and quality products allowed Nutrex to become a major force in the dietary supplement industry. During his ceremony speech, Nutrex President Jens Ingenohl remarked: “When people see this magnificent building they can hardly imagine the hardships the founders of this company went through in the early years. Having been through it all from day one teaches you how to appreciate success and growth: I never ever take it for granted!”

What is a great success for Nutrex is also good news to the local community. “To see a building project like this come to fruition in a still ailing economy is a great thing for our local economy and community” highlighted city official Bill McDermott in his speech.

While the first ten years at Nutrex have come to a close, this new building marks the beginning of a new phase. To quote Nutrex President Jens Ingenohl again: “The best is yet to come!”

Only three months later in October of 2012 the Seminole County Regional Chamber of Commerce recognized the company’s efforts and success. It honored Nutrex for its capital investment and job creation contributions within Seminole County.

  • Cellucor Nutrition

Cellucor is an award winning industry leader committed to premium products, innovation, and most importantly, your results. We strive to be leaders, the elite difference makers in the world of sports nutrition and dietary supplements. We consistently reinvent ourselves, updating our products to deliver the latest and greatest advances to help you reach and exceed your goals. We’ve changed the game with labels that clearly show all key ingredient dosages and set the stage for innovation with customizable pre-workouts.

Our Results Team provides unmatched customer service and product support and we maintain the most accessible and most active social media presence in sports nutrition to proudly and personally stand behind our products.

  • Gaspari Nutrition

To the experienced athlete, Gaspari Nutrition has become synonymous with confidence. The confidence to know that when you take a Gaspari product, you are doing the very best you can for your physique, your athletic performance, and your ultimate goal. Rich Gaspari’s hard line approach, though novel to industry standards, still stands true; to develop the most useful and effective products in their respective categories while breaking new ground with exciting categories never before seen. And as always, Rich and his team back up these products with real and unbiased independent research as Gaspari Nutrition continues to set the new benchmark for both efficacy and responsibility in an ever changing industry and an increasingly educated consumer. It is the shear raw power of originality born of great science and proven products that has made Gaspari Nutrition into the trusted brand it is today. And because the athlete ALWAYS comes first, Gaspari Nutrition will continue to remove the guesswork from buying supplements so that you get it right the first time and every time. No other company in sports nutrition history has cared so much to ensure what will happen to you BEFORE you take their products than Gaspari -no one. So for the first time, go ahead, feel really good about a sports nutrition company.

  • Dymatize Nutrition

Dymatize Nutrition was founded in 1994 and has grown into an industry leader, supplying the highest quality nutritional supplements to millions of fitness enthusiasts and athletes around the world! Dymatize is a world-renowned company spanning across 50+ countries.

Producing the safest, highest quality and most efficacious products are extremely important to us. In fact, one way we ensure quality is by having every raw ingredient and finished product quarantined for 3 days while being tested for potency and purity multiple times by our in-house quality control testing microbiological lab to help ensure that the highest standards are met. Each of these tests is designed to deliver the safest, most effective and consistent products available on the market today. For this reason, we believe that Dymatize is one of the most independently tested brands of sports supplements available in the world.

  • EAS Nutrition

Whether you’re an elite athlete or an occasional gym-goer, our goal is to help you reach the next level through the highest-quality sports nutrition available. Let us show you how our products can help you maximize your workouts and push you to reach your exercise goals faster than you ever thought possible.
We’re the first major brand to achieve 100% certification for banned-substance testing on our products, by two leading independent agencies. We work hard to make sure all our products are safe and impactful, so you can keep pushing yourself to the next level.
We’re changing the game. This is just the beginning.
  • Russian Bear Nutrition

Welcome to RussianBear – home of the hardcore supplements. RussianBear is not for wannabes, it’s for hardcore bodybuilders that want to:

Gain real massive muscle mass Reduce body fat drastically and shred muscles Double or triple muscle growth rates Raise Testosterone levels for ultimate gains RussianBear has a no-fluff approach to gaining. We know how hard you work out in the gym, and want to make it even better with our range of products.

Our products are developed with a clear vision in mind: a bodybuilder’s satisfaction and an evident RussianBear gain. RussianBear’s scientists, technicians, and trainers use state-of-the-art facilities to study a range of products in the market and match them with our innovative products to deliver the ultimate contentment of bodybuilders.

RussianBear has a dedicated Research and Development Team (R&D) who work continuously to research and deliver the best ingredients to burn fat, increase lean body mass, boost stamina, and explode muscle strength.

RussianBear; the brand for high quality supplements that are specially made for hardcore bodybuilders seeking to:

  • Gain real massive muscle mass.
  • Reduce body fat drastically and shred muscles.
  • Double or triple muscle growth rates.
  • Raise Testosterone levels for ultimate gains
  • Universal Nutrition

Universal Nutrition has been a top manufacturer of sports Nutrition supplements since 1983. Their mission is to provide high quality sports and health Nutrition formulas at competitive prices. At Universal Nutrition, they want to be a partner in your efforts to reach your potential and achieve a stronger physique.

Above all, they value quality, service, responsiveness, reliability and innovation. Universal Nutrition is based in New Jersey, USA.

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