FA MultiVitamins AM/PM Formula


MultiVitamin AM FORMULA® and MultiVitamin PM FORMULA® are unique complex blend providing all necessary vitamins, minerals and physiologically active ingredients supporting human body functions. The supplement consist of two different formulas intended for day (AM) and night (PM) consumption for all active persons and athletes with increased dietary requirement for crucial nutrients.

MultiVitamin AM Formula

  • Day formula that covers daily vitamins and minerals requirements
  • Source of healthy, unsaturated fatty acids
  • Energy Blend increases energy and metabolism


MultiVitamin AM FORMULA® delivers optimal doses of vitamins, minerals, energy-boosting substances (Energy Blend) and unsaturated fatty acids (EFA Complex). Due to that MultiVitamin AM FORMULA® effectively supports body functions even during periods of intense physical activity.

MultiVitamin PM Formula

  • Supports growth hormone release
  • Multivitamin PM Formula® ensures proper relaxation and sleep


MultiVitamin PM FORMULA® supplies the body with adequate doses of vitamins and minerals necessary for fast muscle recuperation. Moreover, GH Releasers, Relaxation Blend and Recovery Blend included in MultiVitamin PM FORMULA® accelerate night recovery, reduce fatigue, improve sleep quality and growth hormone release.